Apple Promises Fix in Upcoming Software Update for iOS6.1 Exchange Logging Issue


After more than two weeks, Apple has finally acknowledged the iOS6.1 bug and is promising a fix in an upcoming software update.

As reported earlier in the week, a critical compatibility error between Apple’s iOS6.1 and Microsoft’s Exchange Server was causing major strain to server’s CPU usage and storage capacity. To mitigate risks to Exchange servers, workarounds were suggested from disabling Calendar sync to blocking Exchange access altogether.

We advised our own clients to refrain from upgrading to iOS6.1 (or 6.1.1.) For those who had already upgraded, we advised to them to temporarily disable Calendar synching on their device, or at the very least, to restrict their mobile calendar use to “read-only” mode.

Apple has just released a Knowledge Base Article acknowledging the bug, and stating that they have “identified a fix and will make it available in an upcoming software update.”

We will let our clients know as soon as this update becomes available.


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