BASH Security Vulnerability

A new security vulnerability has been identified with the BASH shell used by Mac OS X, Unix and Linux.  A patch has already been released for this vulnerability.

Tier1Net does not employ Mac OS X/Linux/Unix within its network infrastructure.  However, certain nodes which incorporate Linux components may be impacted.  Tier1net is working with its vendors to determine if these nodes are vulnerable.  If any node is found to be vulnerable Tier1net will take immediate action to apply the appropriate patches to resolve the vulnerability.  As an added precaution Tier1net has verified no attack vector is available to any potentially impacted node.

Also Tier1net is currently evaluating the exposure of this security threat with regards to its managed services clients.

Based on current information, there is no known exposure to these clients.

Should new information be released to suggest otherwise, Tier1Net will notify all affected clients and take appropriate measures.

UPDATE: (9/26/14)

Tier1Net has spent the last day collecting data regarding this vulnerability, and waiting on clarification from vendors as to their exposure. It has been determined that Tier1net’s network infrastructure is not impacted by this vulnerability.
Furthermore, Tier1net has evaluated the risk to its Managed Service customers and determined little to no exposure within those networks. To those customers running Mac OS X at home or at work, Apple has stated the operating system is “safe by default,” and only vulnerable if a user has intentionally configured advanced Unix settings on their Mac device. For more information regarding the Mac OS X vulnerability please visit or








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