Google recently announced a zero-day vulnerability within its Chrome web browser and released a notification that the vulnerability is actively being exploited in the wild.  At this time they have provided very limited technical details on the exact nature of the vulnerability but reports indicate that if successfully exploited an attacker could remotely run arbitrary code on a PC.

As a result, Tier1Net has executed a script to update all instances of Google Chrome running on Tier1Net managed PCs which are susceptible to this vulnerability.

Regardless, it is highly recommended to verify that your PC’s instance of Google Chrome is running version 72.0.3626.121.

For more information on checking Google Chrome’s version and updating it please click here

Last week’s “massive” Amazon cloud service outage lasted 4 hours and crippled businesses that were overly reliant on cloud hosted services.  It is for this reason that Tier1Net recommends a balanced hybrid approach.  This allows customers to benefit from the ubiquity of cloud hosted data in combination with the security and flexibility of privately stored data.  Tier1Net has developed a service which allows customers to store and access their data within their own private networks while at the same time leveraging Tier1Net’s cloud  where the data is synchronized and available in real-time.   Should an outage occur within the customer’s private network the data is available within the cloud, and in the unlikely event Tier1Net experiences an outage within its cloud the data is available from within the customer’s private network.

To learn more about Tier1net’s hybrid cloud solutions contact us at 781-935-8050.

As you may have read in the news recently, Google’s Postini AntiSpam service is being phased out and replaced by GoogleApps.  While the phase out will begin to affect some users as early as January of 2013, none of Tier1Net’s users will be affected until much later in the year, around October 2013.

At this point, there is no immediate cause for concern.  Tier1Net’s Postini AntiSpam Users will continue to receive the same robust antispam service as always.

Well before the deadline, we will be announcing transition options for our clients.  Currently we are still evaluating the alternatives to Postini’s AntiSpam service.  Our number one priority is to provide the best AntiSpam product available to our clients, along with a seamless migration from Postini AntiSpam.

Our Postini AntiSpam Users should expect to hear from us in the upcoming months with the transition options.  Until then, if you have any questions about the Postini Phase Out please give our office a call. 781.935.8050