Cloudy with a Chance of Costly Downtime: Amazon Outage Demonstrates the Benefits of a Hybrid Approach

Last week’s “massive” Amazon cloud service outage lasted 4 hours and crippled businesses that were overly reliant on cloud hosted services.  It is for this reason that Tier1Net recommends a balanced hybrid approach.  This allows customers to benefit from the ubiquity of cloud hosted data in combination with the security and flexibility of privately stored data.  Tier1Net has developed a service which allows customers to store and access their data within their own private networks while at the same time leveraging Tier1Net’s cloud  where the data is synchronized and available in real-time.   Should an outage occur within the customer’s private network the data is available within the cloud, and in the unlikely event Tier1Net experiences an outage within its cloud the data is available from within the customer’s private network.

To learn more about Tier1net’s hybrid cloud solutions contact us at 781-935-8050.


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