Google Chrome Ceases Support for Java

As of 4/14/2015, the Google Chrome browser version 42.xx and above will no longer directly support the Java platform.

Java relies on NPAPI, an API first introduced over twenty years ago.   Google feels that NPAPI’s “90s-era architecture has become a leading cause of hangs, crashes, security incidents, and code complexity.”   For these reasons, Google Chrome no longer supports NPAPI, which means the Java Platform will no longer work in Google Chrome.

Users experiencing issues with Java in Chrome may follow either of these workarounds:

1. Switch to a NPAPI supported web browser, such as Internet Explorer 11 or Mozilla Firefox.

2. Manually re-enable NPAPI in Google Chrome using the steps below.  (Note: This workaround will be removed by Chrome in September 2015 or earlier.)

  1. Paste the following link into your Google Chrome browser: chrome://flags/#enable-npapi
  2. Click “Enable” under NPAPI.  (If you see the word “Disable,” then it is already enabled.)
  3. After enabling NPAPI, click the “Relaunch Now” button at the bottom of the page or the changes will not take effect.


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