Phishing Alert: American Express Fraudulent Email

Attention Tier1Net Clients:

We have heard reports of a widespread phishing scam posing as a legitimate American Express email.   Tier1Net is actively adding rules to block access to this phishing website across all managed firewalls.  Meanwhile, Tier1Net recommends alerting all users of this potential phishing scam and advising them to delete any suspicious American Express emails upon receipt.

The phishing email may contain the subject: “American Express – Safe Key” and claim to inquire about “recent charges on your account.”

If you receive this email, please delete it and do not click on any links within the email.  Clicking on the link within this email will take you a fraudulent webpage, requesting that you enter in sensitive information.  If you visit this page: do not enter any sensitive information.

If you believe you have accidentally clicked this link, and/or have entered any information on the phishing webpage, please contact Tier1Net immediately.

A screenshot of the phishing email is included below.



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