If “time is money” for your business, you can’t afford to be without Disaster Recovery Hosting. Every day, unforeseen events such as fire, flood, or theft, destroy a business’s operations.  But your business can be affected just as much from smaller unpredictable events, such as system failure and mechanical errors.  Without a Disaster Recovery Plan, your business could suffer monumental damages.

Disaster Recovery Plans involve replicating your server, including all of its data, and storing it either physically at our secure remote data facility, or virtually “in the cloud“. Prepared for failover at any moment, your replicated server is ready within seconds after a crash.

Tier1Net’s Disaster Recovery Plans utilize:

  • The world’s fastest and easiest enterprise backup recovery software
  • Near-zero recovery time for failover
  • 100% recoverability assurance
  • Cross-platform virtual and physical server recovery
  • Built in duplication and corruption detection
  • Continuous data protection of the entire application stack
  • Elimination of tape and backup windows
  • Instant failover to virtual machine
  • Replication for your Windows Servers, VM’s, Exchange, SQL, or Sharepoint