Desktop Management

Total Desktop Management from Tier1Net is the third offering in our Managed IT Solution Suite. Total Desktop Management provides everything you need to ensure that the personal computers running on your network are secure, stable, and performing at their peak. Total Desktop Management provides continuous monitoring, alerting, and reporting on the health of your individual desktops and laptops. Total Desktop Management allows Tier1Net to catch problems before they start, increasing productivity and saving your business time and money.

Reduce Break-fixing & Maximize Productivity with Tier1Net’s Managed IT Solutions

Desktop Management Includes:

  • Detects Performance Issues and “Pre-Failure Symptoms before they affect your business
  • 24×7 Monitoring and Reporting of Desktop Performance
  • Automated Optimization & Management of Desktops
  • Patch Management & Scheduled Deployment
  • AntiVirus Software Monitoring
  • Temporary Internet File Cleanup
  • “One-Click” Remote Diagnostics
  • Asset Management
  • Monthly Reporting & Analysis
  • Quarterly Reporting, Trending Analysis & Forecasting

Total Desktop Management is a light-weight, fully integrated solution that fits seamlessly into your existing infrastructure. Desktop Management works by collecting data from your network devices throughout the day and night, and reporting back to Tier1Net with its findings.

Desktop Management Plans with Tier1Net are customizable, based on your network size and IT needs. Plans with Tier1Net may include:
  • Remote & Onsite Support for Desktop Related Issues
  • Off-Hours & Emergency Response Guarantees
  • Discounted Rates for Support
  • Software/CAL Management