Staying ahead of Cyber Attacks on Cyber Monday

With $13 billion of expected sales occurring between Thanksgiving Day and Cyber Monday consumers are especially susceptible to phishing attacks due to their eagerness to win the day with that “too good to be true” sale.   Cyber criminals capitalize on this prime opportunity by launching newly acquired cyber weapons which leverage advanced artificial intelligence at rates previously unseen.    According to the SonicWall Capture Labs Threat Research Team cybercriminals launched more than 113 million malware attacks on Cyber Monday last year and ransomware attacks spiked 127%, a 4.4x increase over the yearly average.

It is essential for your organization to leverage a multi-layered Cybersecurity platform.  Tier1Net’s Cybersecurity Business Operating Platform for Financial Services Organizations includes multiple distinct layers of Hybrid Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning technologies to defend against these advanced Cyber Attacks.

Two unique technologies integrated into Tier1Net’s Cybersecurity Business Operating Platform for Financial Services Organizations to meet this challenge are SonicWall’s Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) and Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection technologies. SonicWall’s ATP provides multi-engine sandboxing to identify and block never-before-seen cyber attacks. SonicWall’s patent pending Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection technology identifies and stops difficult-to-find threats hidden in memory where malware’s weaponry is exposed for less than 100 nanoseconds.

If you are a looking for a holistic Cybersecurity solution customized to address the challenges facing the financial services industry please contact Tier1Net at 781-935-8050 to inquire about our Cybersecurity Business Operating Platform for Financial Services Organizations.

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