Microsoft’s Windows-as-a-Service

With the widespread adoption of Windows 10 Microsoft has changed its former strategy of releasing new Operating Systems every few years.  In its place they have moved to a new strategy named Windows-as-a-Service.  With Windows-as-a-Service Microsoft will continuously update Windows 10 with feature updates.  These feature updates will be released twice a year, usually around March and September, and are more than a typical Windows Update as they include additional Operating System functionality and enhancements.

Consequently, Tier1Net will automate the deployment of Windows 10 feature updates to its customer’s devices via its patch management services.  This will ensure Operating Systems stay current and continue to receive monthly security patches from Microsoft.  As these updates are significant its possible that end users may notice several changes with each new release.  Also, end users may notice that their PC takes several minutes to log on once a feature update has been installed.  The updated PC will post a notification to the user and it is critical that the PC be allowed to complete the update without interruption.With this new strategy Microsoft has also reduced the number of years it will support a version of Windows 10.  As each new version is released it has a support lifetime of only 12-18 months.  With the end of a particular Windows 10 version’s support Microsoft will no longer release new security patches or updates.  As such it is critical to keep all instances of Windows 10 current.

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